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Saturday, January 4, 2014

List of British V-Bomber Bases during the Cold War

The following is a list of stations across the United Kingdom where RAF Bomber Command dispersed its V-Bomber fleet of Vickers Valiants, Handley Page Victors and Avro Vulcans throughout the Cold War.

RAF Machrihanish
RAF Kinloss
RNAS Lossiemouth (later transferred to the Royal Air Force)
RAF Leuchars

RAF Ballykelly

RAE Bedford
A&AEE Boscombe Down
RAF Bruntingthorpe
RAF Burtonwood
RAF Cranwell
RAF Coltishall
RAF Elvington
RAF Filton
RAF Leconfield
RAF Leeming
RAF Lyneham
RAF Manston
RAF Middleton St. George
RRE Pershore (Royal Radar Establishment)
RAF St Mawgan
RAF Tarrant Rushton
RAF Wattisham
RAF Wyton
RNAS Yeovilton
RAF Shawbury
RNAS Brawdy (later transferred to the Royal Air Force)
RAF Llanbedr
RAF Valley


  1. I lived in New quay in the 60s and it was always suspected that the nearby St Mawgan base had nukes.

  2. You forgot the RAF bases in Cyprus and Singapore and the V-Bomber facilities in Canada and the US.